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Adult Baby Diaper Lover Phone Mommy

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Mommy Mistress
ABDL Honor Roll – Sissy Baby Julie
ABDL is not pedophilia
Potty Pants Humiliation: Wet Diaper vs Wet Pants
Daily Diaper Dare Challange
Daily Diaper Challenge
Celebrate your Phone Mommy on Mother’s Day
Diaper Humiliation: To Poo or Not to Poo
Kinky Diaper Assignment
Exposed Diaper Lover: Kenny Kimmell
Santa Gives Coals, Mommy Gives Bare Bottom Spankings
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Adult Baby Diaper Lover Phone Mommy
Lil Ms. Julie…made a big doodie…filling her diaper so well. She danced and she twirled like a good baby girl and it made her clitty swell
~ More info on the Daily Diaper Dare Challenge (or click on the page in the menu above)~
~ More info on the Daily Diaper Dare Challenge (or click on the page in the menu above)~
Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so don’t forget your favorite ABDL PHONE MOMMY ~
She made me poop in my diaper
What is the diaper assignment?
ABDL is NOT pedophilia.
When it comes to diaper humiliation or potty pants humiliation – which is worse…
Do you think you could handing a daily diaper challenge? How long do you think you would last?
Do you think you could handing a daily diaper challenge? How long do you think you would last?
To poo or not to poo. That was the question that entered my mind the first time doing a diaper humiliation session with Mistress.
Now, back to the diaper assignment. If you are a diaper lover and crave public humiliation this one will be great for you!
Another Exposed Diaper Lover to Out
Get over here and drop those drawers—time for your bare bottom spanking!
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